• Section View: First three detection zones (1-3) are divided into 4 segments which helps to define the landing spot more precisely. In order to use that feature, align the arrow of PATpad in the landing direction and enable this feature in the app. Based on that a landing section will be added to your result.  
  • Target view with landing animation: touch the screen in Dashboard to animate last score:
  • Pilot detection: the PATpad can detect the nearest mobile device when landing occurs. If you set Nickname within the app and enable this function, your landing score will be linked with your name in Dashboard and History. Please note that score result on your device will be refreshed with some delay due to that function (cca. 2 sec).
  • Lock time after which the device can detect next score (adjustable from 2 to 10 s). When set time passes, last shown result is switched to “- -“ symbol in Dashboard which means the PATpad is unlocked and ready for next landing.
  • Big screen: in case you would like to organize a bigger event or competition you would probably want to use bigger screen (TV) for live monitoring of the event. For that purpose you can use your Android mobile device to connect to the PATpad and share the screen to the Android TV in the vicinity. Please check at your mobile device and TV for that option. Normally this function is called “Screen Mirroring”, “Cast my Screen”, etc.