Instructions – Display

The display has three buttons on the back side: , and

  • Pairing the Display with PATpad

These steps are needed only for the first time or when changing the Display/PATpad with another one.

1. Turn-on the Display with short press on button on the back side. Make sure that PATpad is also on and in range. Any other device (phone) should not be connected to the PATpad at that stage.

2. The Display is now scanning for available PATpads with 4-digits blinking. It represents last 4-digits of PATpad ID we can see in the app. Use and buttons to switch between available IDs (PATpads). This ID should correspond to the PATpad you would like to connect to. 


3. Confirm the selection with short press on button. The Display is now connecting to the PATpad:

4. Press the white dot on the PATpad. The Display will bond to the target and is now ready as shown below:



Optional: you can now use your phone(s) and connect to the PATpad.

5. In order to pair the Display with another PATpad or vice versa, reset both devices. Make sure that devices are switched on first.

    • Display reset: press and hold button for 10 seconds.
    • PATpad reset: press and hold white zero dot for 10 seconds.
    • Repeat the pairing procedure.

Note: it is not possible to switch off or reset the PATpad if connected to the Display – this is protection against unwanted switch off when hand measurement of the landing result is needed. To switch off or reset the PATpad, do that first on the Display.

  • Normal operation

Display shows current result in the middle for 10 seconds. After that it moves to the right side of the Display. If zero is hit, there is a sound effect. There is also a measurement of the air temperature.

If the PATpad is off or too far away from the Display, two digits will scroll in the middle. Switch on the PATpad or move it closer to the Display.

If battery of the Display or PATpad drops below 20%, the following warning appears:

Charge the battery of the Display or PATpad via USB port.

To switch off the Display, press and hold button for 2 seconds. Auto-off happens after 4 hours of inactivity.

  • Settings

During normal operation use the or button to enter and switch between settings:

1. option shows the battery level percentage of the Display:

2. option shows the battery level percentage of the PATpad:

3. option allows to change the temperature unit between °C and °F. Press button to change.


4. option allows to enable/disable the beep sound effect when Zero is hit. Press button to change.


To exit the settings, wait for 5 seconds.


  • If manual measurement of the landing is necessary, make sure you are not pressing the result #4. Long press to the result #4 leads to the hard reset of the PATpad.
  • It is not possible to switch-off the PATpad (by pressing 0) when connected to the Display.
  • For Display hard reset press and hold button for 10 seconds.
  • In order to maximize the range, direct the PATpad arrow to the Display. Tilt the Display slightly back to improve visibility.



Conditions of use

  • Important: Never use rigid shoes or rigid extensions,
  • Always put the PATpad on flat surface without sharp objects underneath,
  • Do not charge the battery during usage of PATpad,
  • Always charge the PATpad/Display over USB port and attached cable,
  • Storing/operating temperature: 0-40 °C,
  • Storing/operating humidity: 0-80 %,
  • Avoid long term exposures to direct sun,
  • Do not use the PATpad/Display in harsh outdoor conditions (rain, snow, dew, hail, etc.),
  • Do not put other objects on the PATpad/Display when storing,
  • Clean the PATpad with damp cloth when necessary.