Instructions – PATpad (2020)

1. Download and install the app PATpad – Aiming Zero:

APK file (direkt installation)

Huawei AppGallery

2. Switch your PATpad on: press the zero white dot (make sure it is charged).


3. Open the app and enable the location and bluetooth services in Connection tab. Then select your PATpad from the list to connect:

4. If you are the owner of PATpad, set the password to get an access to device settings. Otherwise you can only join event (see next point). Once you set the password, you are able to change the PATpad’s name (and switch-off using the app) and settings:

5. The PATpad is now in so-called Notify mode – the target pad can detect the score and transmit it to your mobile device – you can see the result in Dashboard tab. However in this mode the app will not save the score and will not be able to detect pilot’s ID. To use these features, you need to Create an event. Other pilots can simply Join this event by using the Join button:

IMPORTANT: PATpad can connect to up to 4 mobile devices simultaneously, so make sure you are not using the PATpad with too many devices. 

6. You can now start with your training or competition. Your mobile device(s) will automatically detect and save the results when PATpad is within connection range. Therefore pilots can have their mobile devices with them all the time during event. If you want to show live score to others (public), place your mobile device on the stand in the vicinity of PATpad and use Dashboard view. You can adjust the layout in Settings tab:

7. If some of pilots would like to leave the event, use the Leave button. Once you finish with the training or competition, press the End button and score logging will be stopped and closed (this will also happen automatically if the PATpad will be switched-off). Then use the History tab to review all score results. You can also export and share them for later analysis.

8. To switch your PATpad off press the white dot for 3 seconds or use the app (if you are the owner with password).

IMPORTANT: When your training season is over or you will not use PATpad for longer time, please make sure to recharge it and switch it off. We recommend to use Auto Power OFF function with set time of inactivity (active by default)

9. In case you need to reset the Password of the PATpad, press and hold the white dot for 10 s. To perform HARD reset of the device (all settings will go to default), press and hold the result #4 for 10 s.


10. In case you want to disconnect from PATpad, use “X” symbol within Connection tab and you are back on the list of available PATpads.

11. For useful hints and additional features please follow the link:Hints


Conditions of use

  • Important: Never use rigid shoes or rigid extensions,
  • Always put the PATpad on flat surface without sharp objects underneath,
  • Do not charge the battery during usage of PATpad,
  • Always charge the PATpad over USB port and attached cable,
  • Storing/operating temperature: 0-40 °C,
  • Storing/operating humidity: 0-80 %,
  • Avoid long term exposures to direct sun,
  • Do not use the PATpad in harsh outdoor conditions (rain, snow, dew, hail, etc.),
  • Do not put other objects on the PATpad when storing,
  • Clean the PATpad with damp cloth when necessary.