PATpad – Aiming Zero. consists out of a target pad second generation (PATpad 2) which can be connected to the mobile device using the Android app and/or dedicated Display:

  • For single pilot training you can have your mobile device in your pocket and check the result after each landing,
  • For multiple pilots training and competition events we offer dedicated LCD display,
  • There is also a PATpad Hub which can be used as interface to 3rd party display solutions.

PATpad 2 – Aiming Zero.

  • high sensitivity,
  • sectional detection of the closest results (1 to 3) which helps to determine your landing more accurately,
  • compatible with AIR³ flight instrument and other android devices (phones/tablets),
  • the device is designed according to FAI Sporting Code rules (latest edition).

PATpad Android App

  • animation of your result on target pad with other detected values within single landing,
  • landing history,
  • total landing counter,
  • PATpad battery level,
  • other options.

PATpad Display

  • secure connection to the PATpad 2, using encryption protocols to protect the data being transferred,
  • high visibility, especially at direct sunlight,
  • long detection range, up to 20m (or even more), depends on the ground structure (grass, sand, …) and stand height,
  • showing of previous score,
  • showing of temperature,
  • audio signal for score detection,
  • very low power consumption (single charge is enough for weeks of operation),
  • standard camera stand screw (3/8-16 UNC), suitable for any tripod (stand not included).


solid BASEplate prevents any unwanted movement of the target pad (size: 600 mm)

Protection lining improves visibility and protects from dirt (size: 1 m²)

PATpad upgrade to PATpad 2 and refurbishment are possible on request, check our e-shop (only Aiming Zero. series).

PATpad Hub is a wireless interface to be used with 3rd party display (via UART) and/or laptop (via USB).