PATpad story began in 2016 with an idea to design a new target pad which would be available to every pilot, interested in accuracy landing. After first two series in 2018 which were sold immediately, we decided to push the performance of the device even higher.

In 2020 we launched a new PATpad – Aiming Zero. series which offered completely new designed, robust target pad with a lot of additional features available via app on your Android mobile device.

In 2024, after almost 200 sold devices in more than 35 countries around the globe, we wanted to offer also a wireless display solution (additional to a mobile device) and make life easier for competitions and group trainings. We are glad to present PATpad 2 – Aiming Zero. series, together with an elegant Display option and other accessories, such as new high-visible protection lining and BASEplate to avoid unwanted target pad movement.

PATpad Ecosystem