PATpad – Aiming Zero.

PATpad story began in 2016 with an idea to design a new target pad which would be available to every pilot, interested in accuracy landing. After first two series in 2018 which were sold immediately, we decided to push the performance of the device even higher. In 2020 we launched a new PATpad – Aiming Zero. series which offers completely new designed, robust target pad with a lot of additional features available via app on your Android mobile device.

PATpad – Aiming Zero. features:

  • a very high sensitivity,
  • new Bluetooth 5.0 standard and very long connection range,
  • sectional detection of the closest results (1 to 3) which helps to determine your mistakes at final approach,
  • animation of your result on target pad with other detected values within single landing,
  • history with data transfer and share possibility,
  • connection with up to 4 mobile devices at the same time (for trainings or events with more pilots on the field we suggest to use a single mobile device as a common display in the vicinity of PATpad),
  • pilot detection – useful option when you train with other pilots (up to 4 pilots)
  • robust design with contact error detection and elimination,
  • completely new application for Android devices (from version Android 5.0 on),
  • compatibility with AIR³ flight instrument,
  • the device is designed according to FAI Sporting Code rules (latest edition),
  • FAI certification process ongoing,
  • optional: very robust yellow lining (1 m2) with fixation holes for much better visibility and protection from dirt.

Your mobile device (phone, tablet) is a transceiver of PATpad’s data. You can have it in your pocket during the training and check result after each landing or simply place it in the vicinity of PATpad and use it as a display.