PATpad (previous model)

PATpad is a new electronic target pad for paragliding pilots who want to improve their skills in accuracy landing. The PATpad developers designed a reliable product for reasonable price that every pilot could afford it.

PATpad is designed as a single unit target pad with bluetooth connection to the mobile device. A dedicated application was developed for the best user experience. The longlife battery inside the target pad can power the PATpad for weeks and it can be recharged with USB type C cable.

The remote score detection operates up to 10 m. For single pilot training you can have your mobile device in your pocket and check the result after each landing. For multiple pilots training you can put the mobile device on a stand in the vicinity of the PATpad and use it as a monitor.

The PATpad has excellent visibility from a distance and is designed as splashproofed and durable product. For more info please do not hesitate to contact us.