Warranty Policy

Warranty Policy

At the moment the warranty policy is not valid due to early maturity level of the project. Once the product will be produced in higher volume, the warranty policy will be introduced.

Please follow instructions in details and handle the PATpad with care, especially follow the conditions of use:

  • Important: Never use rigid shoes or rigid extensions,
  • Always put the PATpad on flat surface without sharp objects underneath,
  • Do not charge the battery during usage of PATpad,
  • Always charge the PATpad over USB port and attached cable,
  • Storing/operating temperature: 0-40 °C,
  • Storing/operating humidity: 0-80 %,
  • Avoid long term exposures to direct sun,
  • Do not use the PATpad in harsh outdoor conditions (rain, snow, dew, hail, etc.),
  • Do not put other objects on the PATpad when storing.

Thank you for your understanding.

PATpad R&D team