1. Q: I want to establish a connection between my mobile device and PATpad but it does not work. What can I do?
    A: Your mobile device should have Bluetooth Low Energy module (formally marked as Bluetooth Smart) which is a standard equipment for most of nowadays devices. However, please check if your device is compatible with PATpad by pressing the “Launch” button within the PATpad application or check your mobile’s specifications.

  2. Q: My mobile device is compatible with PATpad but I still cannot make a connection between them. What is wrong?
    A: If your device is compatible with PATpad and it still does not work, there are more options what could be the reason for that:
    The connection is  established by other mobile device: Make sure that (known) device is disconnected from PATpad by pressing “Stop” sign in app (same position as “Launch” button). If you or somebody else have tried to connect to the PATpad via device’s bluetooth settings, the device has probably remembered the PATpad and it is trying to connect all the time (despite the app is closed). In that case make sure that device will “forget” the PATpad using bluetooth settings. To avoid this problem always connect to the PATpad only through application (“Launch/Stop” button).
    If you still cannot establish the connection, an unknown device could be connected to the PATpad. In that case move the PATpad out of the range in order to release the connection. Then it should be possible to reconnect with your (preferred) mobile device.
    The PATpad battery might be discharged: Please recharge the battery using USB type-C cable. During the charging PATpad might not work. Otherwise the PATpad battery status is shown in app all the time.

  3. Q: I would like to use a PATpad as a single person on the field and therefore have a mobile device with me all the time. The connection between my cell and PATpad will be lost. Can I still check my result when I land on the PATpad?
    A: If the PATpad is turned-on (short press on the white-dot of the target pad) it will detect every landing despite the connection between your mobile device and PATpad is not established. After each landing you should re-establish the connection (by pressing the “Launch” button in the app) and check the result. Please have it in mind that only last landing score will be send to your mobile device when connection is re-established. We recommend to use this approach if you have a single-pilot training.

  4. Q: I would like to organize a training for a group of pilots. What is the best way to follow the results?
    A: For the group of pilots there is an option that a pilot who would like to follow the results jump first, check their own score and then do the same for other pilots.
    For better experience we advice to use your mobile device as a monitor in the vicinity of the PATpad with uninterrupted connection (the connection works to cca. 10 meters). With bigger sized tablet and full screen-mode (portrait of landscape orientation) it is easy to read the score from larger distance. However, for more important events like competitions you can share/mirror your mobile device’s screen to the TV via WiFi connection (Miracast, Chromecast, etc.).